#MNStateFair Mini Adventure

We now interrupt this regularly scheduled pre-vacation diet to visit the Minnesota State Fair. This is no ordinary state fair though; this one is full of vendors that petition for years to have a booth for only 12 days, but to be seen by nearly 2 million people in just that short time.


Less talk, more food.

First up/New Food: Chocolate Popover with Peanut Butter Spread at Lulus. Grade: B

Comment: Light in substance but also on flavor. Good, but not great.


Second/Old Faithful: Fried Pickles. Grade: A

Comment: We get them every year, so we must like. Tip: wait a couple of minutes if you can otherwise you will burn your tongue.


Third/Old Faithful: Pronto Papa Pup. Grade: A

Comment: It’s a huge hot dog fried with corn batter on a stick, how cool is that?


Fourth/New Food: Maple Cream Nitro Cold Press Coffee. Grade: B

Comment: Longest wait for a food/drink considering we went at a light time in the day. Would have been better had it come with ice to keep it colder longer.


Fifth/Old Faithful: French Fries. Grade: B+

Comment: Another we have to get every year. The wait normally is much longer, but the payoff is well worth it. Love me some carbs with ketchup.


Sixth/New Food: Bacon Fluffernutter. Grade: A+

Comment: My favorite thing of the day. It’s a grilled cinnamon bun sandwich with bacon, peanut butter and marshmallow cream filling and maple syrup dipping sauce. Steph was feeling sick by this point and didn’t want to try it because of the next food we would be having….


Seventh/Old Faithful: Chocolate Banana and Marshmallow Sandwich. Grade: A

Comment: Steph’s perennial favorite. Always gets messy as the middle gets soggy and you end up with powdered sugar on your shirt.


Eighth/Old Faithful: Sweet Martha’s Cookies. Grade: A-

Comment: I ate them all and don’t regret a damn thing.


Check out this link for all the new State Fair food we missed. Did you try any of these we should try next year? Leave a comment to tell us.


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