Let’s just talk about day two! 

First things first, day one in Dublin was not fun. 

Between the delays at JFK and sitting an extra 2 hours there, nothing went well. 

  1. We left late 
  2. We got in late 
  3. We didn’t sleep
  4. The place we rented to stay was terrible

Honesty, I’d rather move on to day two. It wasn’t perfect, but we had so much fun it made up for the others. If there was one great thing about Dublin it was this:

Day 2 was much better, we hit the road to Northern Ireland (N.I.) by 8am. Did you know N.I. and Ireland are different counties? While the differences are subtle, the main one is that the Euro is accepted eveywhere on the “island” but in N.I. where the Pound is preferred. Very European. 

On our trek through N.I we drove through Belfast, seeing where the Titanic was launched, but didn’t stay long, knowing that walking and hiking would dominate the day. 

After that, we stopped at Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge where we walked between TWO DAMN ISLANDS ON A ROPE BRIDGE. It was only a little scary, but I managed my fear by wearing a GoPrO and looking like an absolute tourist. 

Our next stop was the Giants Causeway, which, in simple terms, is a place where God said “let’s make geographic patterns with rocks and totally mess with people.” It’s worth the Google search, but these photos will help. 

Not  photoshopped. 

Finally we stopped at The Dark Hedges which were made popular by Game Of Thrones on HBO. What we learned there was that people can’t be polite or take turns very well. That, and things aren’t easy to find when they are both new and free. 

As I write this I recognize its a lot of info. I will recap these a little better in separate posts later. Leave a comment below if there is anything specific you want to know. 

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