Scotland Distillery Fun

So many distilleries to choose from when visiting Scotland and so many different flavors and regions to explore. This time around we visited The Oban Whiskey Distillery. Fun fact, this distillery, founded in 1794, is actually older than the town itself, and just mere feet from the harbor. Our guide Mike was fantastic and I’d highly recommend the tour if you ever visit Oban. They may be small in size but are a huge exporter of whiskey to the US.

The other activity we planned was attending Rum School at Pixel Spirits Distillery in the west Highlands. This was a 3 hour class on how to make rum by the master distiller at Pixel Spirits. In this class, we learned the process of how to make rum, and got to create our own concoction from an array of botanicals, bottle our own booze, and finally create and apply our label. This was a great hands on experience taking you through their own operation. Again, highly recommend if you want a unique small group experience. If rum isn’t your thing, they also hold a gin making class.

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