Travel Advice (from a lazy guy)

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Hey guys sitting on the plane without WiFi and had some quick thoughts which could help you down the road in future travels 

This is also a reminder list for myself so please excuse the self indulgence

    Make friends (or don’t, you’re an adult it’s up to you *shrug*)
  • Enjoy the people watching
  • Bring the right equipment, technology, apps, spare battery, headphones, dongle ( I love and hate this word)
  • Snacks are expensive, bring your own and take any offered by the airline, especially the Biscoff cookies, if things go really bad you can trade them like prison cigarette currency
  • (If you do like those Biscoff cookies, they sell a spreadable version online that is awesome)
  • Smile if you can, if you can’t, write a blog
  • Don’t keep your head down, know when and where you need to be at all times, it will save you from running through the airport and looking like an asshole
  • HARDEST: If you do have troubles, speak with an agent but remember it’s not really their fault, they are the face of the org to you but are actually people behind that strained smile, except that one lady, she just sucks
  • If you have time, make a playlist for the flight/airport to put yourself in a positive mood, skipping through 1,500 songs can be exhausting on its own, but when traveling it’s worse (who downloaded all these Backstreet songs?)
  • You cannot go wrong with Stevie Wonder’s greatest hits
  • Download the movies you might actually watch, don’t wait to remember when you are boarding (personal experience)
  • If you do get bored, go through your photos on your phone and clean it up (hint: you don’t need that meme from 2015 you’ve been saving for the right moment, but the 700 photos of your dogs sleeping is exactly what you need when stressed)
  • Don’t stand in the aisle, whether boarding the plane, on the plane or otherwise, it’s a dick move especially if you don’t have the wherewithal to know people want to get past you 
  • EVEN WORSE: don’t try and cut in-front of people when de-boarding the plane, unless it’s a medical emergency, you picked the seat in the back, your the first to get on but the last to get off, deal with it
  • Have *just* the right amount of caffeine, enough to be aware and not enough to get the leg shaking jitters 
  • Don’t get pissy when you have to stand, it’s not like people WANT to us an airplane bathroom
  • Save your spare napkins, they come in handy in the worst of times
  • And finally, travel is tough on everyone, but do your best to not be that guy (yes that guy who cut in line is a dick)
  • Sorry for any and all typos, writing on your phone when feeling that inspiration and not proofing your work because of the headache is a thing