Where have you been? Where are you going?

We haven’t been on an adventure in 6 months? Six. Damn. Months.

Sorry its been so long, but with being an adult, sometimes life gets in the way. We are about to change that though with this being our 15th year (FIFTEEN!) together we decided to go big another year in a row and visit Italy for 2 weeks in the fall.

And while I don’t have much to share as I am currently pouring over Steph’s vacation activities spreadsheet (jokes about that later),  I am asking for your help.

Yes you.

Have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever looked at Italy on a map, or just looked at the interweb and thought; “I should do some research on the Vatican”? If so, what did you like? Was it the wine, the woman, the canals, the lakes or the European swimming trunks that look damn fine on me? (Mental image provided)

What I am getting at is that we want your advice and ideas. Send them our way and help us out just like we would if you were to visit any of the places we’ve been lucky enough to travel to.venice-2504165_960_720

And if you’ve forgotten where we’ve been to, check out some of our other posts or Vimeo page for our video recaps.


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