Queensland Visit Recap – 1st Stop!

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This being our second time in Australia, we decided to take nearly 3 weeks and cram all the things we didn’t do the first time. So what did we do first? We went back to a place we’ve already been.

If you ever get the chance, visit Queensland.

  • Its tropical and beach-y
  • has friendly people
  • if you get up early on the coast – you get to see the sun rise over the water in such a way that no photo could ever capture fully


Within the rain forest they also have a skyrail that allows you to travel through it from 100-plus meters overhead. My wife somehow talked me into doing it, but at least we didn’t take the gondola with a glass bottom. I might have peed from fear.

There are also stops along the way where you transfer from skyrail gondola to gondola, but can take mini walks through the rain forest. It’s a protected land for miles around that provides views of nearly the entire forest.


This is how you celebrate a good first stop on a vacation. 

We also stopped by a crocodile farm home to nearly 3,000 salties and other varieties. It was also essentially a full zoo with a number of protected birds, snakes and other wildlife. Some of the features included a Crock Attack show and a boat ride where the host fed some hostile salties from the side of the boat.

Oh yeah, we got – and we got to pet Koalas.



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