Kangaroo Dundee and His Sanctuary 

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Have you ever heard of “the most famous kangaroo in the world”? A few years ago on social media he popped up looking muscular and crushing metal buckets and today we got to go to his home. Roger the Kangaroo wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t get to see him, but we got to feed, pet and hold some of his best mates. 

By far the best though was getting to hold a few joeys. They had been recently orphaned as their moms had been hit by vehicles here in the outback. This is sadly a common occurrence. 

If you don’t already, make sure to follow http://instagram.com/thekangaroosanctuary on instagram. They also have a Facebook page. The story of Kangaroo Dundee can also be found on Netflix. It’s a great story about a caring man and his mission to save kangaroos that have been either orphaned or given up and cannot be immediately reintroduced into the wild. 

Below is a photo of the current alpha Monty and Danny and his assistant Zen-Zen who took us on a tour of the sanctuary. 

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