Don’t Always Trust the GPS/The Gap of Dunloe  

Yesterday was a frustrating one. For all the wonderful things about Ireland, like the people and the scenery, travel is not easy. Driving is difficult in the Emerald Isle for many factors, the largest one being inconsistencies in the size of roads and their overall condition. Most times the name or identification number of the road gives you clues to its size or usage, but this is not always the case. Combined with our rental Garmin GPS being lazy, incomunitive, and downright no good, we ended up going on an adventure within this adventure. 

What was meant to be a two hour ride to the Ring of Kerry (for more driving) ended up being a thrill ride like the movie Speed, but with our terrible transmission, horse and buggies, pedestrians and angry locals instead of a bus going 88 klm (55 mph to you yankees). Did I mention the road was barely the width of our car? 

Of course, just like I always have, I somehow “stumbled upwards” and ended up seeing views that car rides rarely provide. The first picture below is the last one we took as our GPS lead us the back way on an unmarked road that people aren’t technically supposed to drive  all the way through. 

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