Husavik, Iceland and the surrounding area

If you’ve seen Eurovision starring Will Ferrell you’ve heard of this town before.

What you’ve not seen though is the more than 100 year old one of a kind church, or the natural bay that it sits on. That bay contains some of the best whale watching in the world due to micro underwater earthquakes, unfelt on land, that drives krill which in turn creates a perfect feeding ground for most whale species to feed during the summer.

Whale Watching – Akureyri, Iceland

The videos will never do it justice, but appearances included a group of 20 or so Pilot Whales and a Humpback the locals have named Jubilee.

Jubilee visits almost every year for the last five years. The group of pilot whales are a rare sight for the area as they don’t typically come in as close in the waterway, but they had chosen this area to give birth.